Suggestions on Prepping Your Home for a Popcorn Ceiling Removing Undertaking

Popcorn ceilings had been rather well-known again amongst the fifties and the nineteen eighties. They ended up cost-effective, and they were relatively straightforward to install. It was rather considerably the regular in residences again then, specially in hallways and bedrooms.
Not only were they expense-powerful and very easily set up, popcorn ceilings had been also opted for simply because they effortlessly hid imperfections. There was no need to easy out any flaws in the ceiling given that the sprayed-on content essentially lined it. Popcorn ceilings also have acoustical qualities and are able to maintain audio from traveling, which is why they have been rather well-liked in bedrooms.
But popcorn ceilings are no more time favored by home owners and purchasers. In simple fact, popcorn ceilings are now deemed unattractive, which is a large cause why numerous home owners have been steadily taking away them from their houses because the eighties. And the truth that asbestos is frequently located in this material tends to make the removal of popcorn ceilings even far more critical.
If you happen to be like several other homeowners out there who still have popcorn ceilings in your home, you have almost certainly made the decision that it is time for them to go. If so, it really is essential that you carry in pros in the realm of popcorn ceiling elimination to have this content eliminated in favor of a much smoother, more aesthetically attractive complete.
To make this work much more effective, there are some issues you can do as a property owner to get ready your residence for popcorn ceiling elimination.
Seal Off the Floors
Let us confront it. Popcorn ceiling removing is really messy. All that content that is getting scraped off turns into minuscule dust particles that can get almost everywhere, such as your ducts.
Ahead of the popcorn ceilings are removed, the floors have to be totally covered from wall to wall. To do that, you will need to have thick plastic sheets that are then going to be taped down at each wall so the flooring are fully lined. Then, you will use contractor paper to incorporate one more layer on best of the thick plastic so that there is no likelihood of slipping even though doing work in the area.
The paper is also put due to the fact it will absorb any humidity that can accumulate in the location. In order to eliminate popcorn ceiling substance utilizing the scraping method, water will want to be sprayed on leading of the substance to soften it. Performing so will make it a lot less difficult to scrape the content off. But spraying h2o on the ceiling also means that water will eventually tumble on to the ground. By having paper laid on prime of the plastic sheet, the h2o will be effectively absorbed.
Shut Off Doorways
In buy to avoid the popcorn ceiling material from generating its way into the hallway and other parts of your residence, you could want to near off any doorways that direct outdoors of the room. This will aid to make the cleanup task a lot simpler once the content has been eliminated from your ceiling.
Include Your Furnishings
If you prepare to leave the furnishings in the rooms exactly where the popcorn ceilings are currently being taken off, you will definitely want to defend them from all people dust particles.
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As these kinds of, it is important that you cover each and every furnishings piece. Get by yourself some clear plastic sheets and protect every single piece entirely, like the back again. As soon as you do, push each and every piece in opposition to the wall.
You’re then likely to get yet another sheet and cover them in a 2nd layer, but this next one particular is heading to include the household furniture just in the entrance. The best of the plastic sheet will be taped to the wall just above the household furniture in buy to avoid any popcorn ceiling content from slipping behind the home furniture as it is being taken off.
Make confident that the two sheets of plastic entirely go over the home furniture and go right to the bottom. By masking your furniture in this way, any popcorn ceiling substance will just slide right off every piece and onto the floor, that contains the materials and guarding your furnishings at the identical time.
Obtain the Required Resources
As we just talked about, big sheets of plastic, contractor paper, and painter’s tape (to tape down the plastic and paper) are needed to cover the floor and the furniture in the place exactly where the popcorn ceiling material is being removed. But in addition to these things, you will need to get a handful of other equipment to get the work carried out, like:
• Bucket of drinking water – As talked about previously mentioned, water is essential to help soften the sprayed-on substance and make it easier to eliminate it. As these kinds of, a water resource will be needed.
• Backyard sprayer – In buy to implement the drinking water to the ceiling, a yard sprayer will be required to implement the drinking water in an even layer throughout the ceiling, which will be done in patches.
• Utility knife – The materials will need to have to be scraped, and a utility knife will be needed to physically scrape the materials off of the ceiling.
• Ladder – In purchase to attain the ceiling, a ladder will be required to aid get to the floor when scraping off the material.
• Cross bench – These assist to give a surface upon which to stand when large parts of furnishings stay in the area, this kind of as beds. The cross bench can be laid throughout the mattress and affixed to a ladder on every single aspect to provide a surface area to stand on earlier mentioned the home furniture.
While prepping your home for the removing of your popcorn ceiling material is surely useful, the true job itself need to be left to the experts. This task is a messy and labor-intense one particular, and it can be a good deal more difficult than it sounds. Even after the substance has been removed, there will most likely be imperfections still left powering from all that scraping. Not only that, but there might be asbestos current in the materials, which will make the task a good deal more intricate.
Both way, obtaining experts in popcorn ceiling elimination will make factors a great deal easier for you and will make certain that you might be still left with nothing but a smooth, appealing ceiling that not only seems better, but can even enhance the benefit of your property.

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